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The Eagles Theatre loyalty program is also available at the 13-24 Drive In!

Earn points for admission and concession purchases.*

Rewards are redeemable for concession items.

  • Earn points for movie admission and concession purchases

  • Rewards include popcorn and fountain drinks

  • Special rewards for your birthday

  • Exclusive emails announcing upcoming movies and live entertainment at Eagles Theatre

  • It's free to join, but you must be at least 13 years old



*Points are earned for admission and concession stand purchases at the Eagles Theatre and 13-24 Drive In. Points can also be earned at the Honeywell Center concession stand (open before Ford Theater shows). Rewards can be redeemed for concession items at all three properties. Must be 13 years of age to join.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is vital to our long-term relationship with you, and protecting your privacy is just one part of our mission to provide you with highly personalized and valuable service. This information will not be shared, sold or otherwise provided to any third party. It will remain in our possession at all times. All data stored on our computer is protected by a secure firewall so that no unauthorized use or activity can take place. Although we at the Honeywell Foundation will make every effort to safeguard your personal information from loss or misuse by third parties, you should be aware that these is always some risk that unauthorized users may find a way to thwart our security system.

Marquee Members Registration & Content

You must be 13 years or older to sign up for Marquee Members. There is no fee to become a Marquee Member. You can unregister at any time if you no longer want to be a Marquee Member. To earn points for concession and ticket purchases you must sign in with each purchase. By filling out the registration you are agreeing to provide accurate and truthful information and to update any information given that may change during the duration of your membership.

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